Which bouquet should I order for anniversary?
Details below.

Properly selected film, basket, box fit well into the overall design for anniversary flowers. The site has decent discounts, new bouquets are constantly appearing, and a team of professionals works. Any varieties of roses, tulips and gerberas are perfect for such an event. For anniversaries under 55-60 years old, gift bouquets should be in deeper and richer colors. Prefabricated compositions with several bright accents are perfect.

Types of anniversary

Wedding anniversary - this compliment will appeal to any age. Work anniversary - most often it is a gift from the entire team, so these are truly grandiose compositions. There may be several main accents, but the rest of the beauty can be easily assembled from additional plants and “grass”. For the boss, it is better to collect a designer bouquet with additional decorations or buy fresh premium flowers for the anniversary.

Color selection

If you can give almost any flowers for a birthday, then for anniversary celebrations, especially the 50th anniversary, special attention should be paid to the gift bouquet. How to choose bouquets by age and event:

  1. The young hero of the day will appreciate unusual bouquets of sweets, fruits, soft toys and creative presentation in original packaging - in boxes, hat boxes.

  2. For the anniversary of a manager or business partner, mono-bouquets of a strict, classic style are desirable.

  3. For a corporate anniversary, organizations order discrete sets or baskets of red roses, snow-white calla lilies, gladioli, chrysanthemums and yellow gerberas.

  4. Avant-garde options or wild plants are inappropriate.

Florists of our online store will, at your request, prepare a gift set with the addition of elite alcohol: cognac, wine, champagne or other things at your request. The online store accepts orders for fresh flowers, including exotic ones, around the clock. Managers will advise you on all issues of interest if you doubt your knowledge of floral etiquette. Our holiday bouquets always look perfect; they will delight the hero of the day not only on the day of the holiday, but also for a long time after it.

Order flowers in out store with delivery

Delivery will be carried out within the time frame specified by you. This issue shouldn't even be discussed. Buy flowers, you definitely can't go wrong. Moreover, age suggests accepting this particular gift. If you want to give a little happiness, then this surprise will definitely succeed. Choice of color according to the client's taste. The experts themselves will prepare a pleasant surprise. You just need to contact us and wait a little.

Florists do their job. They are manufactured taking into account the general wishes of customers. It will be a pleasure to give such a gift to your soulmate. In addition, you can add a little exclusivity to the bouquet, for example, attach a card or any pleasant wish, topper, soft toy or even balloons to it. If you don’t know which plant to choose, give preference to something symbolic - spathiphyllum “feminine” or anthurium “male happiness”, or vice versa, something more neutral. Also, if you don't know exactly what to choose, give yourself the opportunity to purchase several options and then choose the one that suits you best.

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